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 It is often considered that people who are into literature or simply have a connection with books lack a fashion sense as their interests usually differ from the ever changing clothing trends in the world. However, there are some amazing authors who have proved this concept wrong with their exceptional taste in fashion. Their style portrayed their unique personalities while being up to date with the trends of their age. These writers did not only win hearts because of their talent with the words but also their up to the mark and eye catching style. Here are the top 5 Authors who had the best of both worlds,

#1 Jacqueline Susann:

(August 20, 1918 – September 21, 1974)

The renowned American writer and artist, Jacqueline Susann was widely known for her up to the date fashion sense that was inspired by the Hollywood divas and style icons. Her sleek dresses paired with sheer stockings and chic pumps defines her modern look that matches her contemporary style of writing perfectly.


#2 Joan Didion:

(December 5, 1934 – Present)

Joan Didion, an American writer, and journalist had a laid back and casual fashion sense that still made her look polished and put together. Her French girl inspired look made her famous instantly apart from her beautifully put together words. To put it into simple words, her style was effortless that made a statement nonetheless.



#3 Nancy Mitford:

(28 November 1904 – 30 June 1973)

The English novelist, journalist, and biographer had a classic way of dressing herself up into the era’s classics, like mid length dresses and feminine pumps. She did not only make sure to always have the most polished clothes on but also paid extra attention to her hair to tie the whole look together. Her style always had a hint of country girl that showed even in her couture dresses.


#4 Djuna Barnes:

(June 12, 1892 – June 18, 1982)

Djuna Barnes, the famous American artist, journalist, and novelist had a signature style featuring a classy headpiece and a scarf around her neck, usually with polka dots. Her hair stayed inside her headpiece which gives off a strong masculine appearance. She was the real definition of the modern woman of that era.


#5 Joanne Rowling:

(July 31, 1965 – Present)

The British Novelist, philanthropist, and film producer, Joanne Rowling who is also widely known as her pen name J. K. Rowling have one of classiest and the most practical style among the authors or her time. She is known for her fiction series “Harry Potter” and her style contrasts her creative imagination. Her fashion sense is simple, chic, practical, and smart. Her sleek hairdos and contemporary jewelry add to her classy overall appearance.

As much as these writers inspired others with their writings, they also made a statement with their distinctive style. Their style is surely an inspiration for everyone, especially the new writers who love to dress up as beautifully as they craft their words.

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