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Young. Black. Pregnant. Alone

How much are you willing to do for money? How much is the right amount to pay for a grand betrayal? How much will silence your voice of justice?

Thank you for reading the book, MA’SITTER.  A beautiful read for all the ladies who understand more than the title; it is unquestionably a must-read for people who want to overcome the trouble that comes with being black, young, pregnant and alone.

The book is an excellent description of how our morality takes a back seat when we pursue a future with no hope; however, the question remains, ‘how far are you willing to go to renounce the truth to cater for yourself and child?’

Victoria Lewis thought she had everything going for her, until the singular pillar of support came crashing before her. All was lost, or so she thought, until she got a job with a rich family, but it wasn’t peaches and cream.

She was thrust into a world of deceit, denial, racism and evil manipulation as she fought to keep up the façade of a lie that was now her life.

As she navigates the world of the riches and hopes for a better future for herself and daughter, she is drawn into the dark world of the affluent. Will she be able to pay the price of deceit and bear the brunt of the future consequences?

Although many will call her selfish and ungrateful after going through so much, to know when to draw the line with a child involved, until you have been in a situation when all hope is lost, you don’t know what it means to want it all –especially for your child.

The author has presented this very delicate topic with amazing understanding, flawlessness and grace of a natural and instinctive storyteller. Using candid and precise point, the author has depicted all the characters’ lives of the book in realistic scenarios for you.

MA’SITTER is a book that presents the title from a realist point of view of the author giving indelible insights on our understanding of the trail, trauma and torture that young, black pregnant women face as they try to pursue a good life for their family in this world of wickedness.

A strong, suspense-filled dramatic content that will keep you at the edge of your seats and go down as a great read for you.

If you have read the book and have questions about it or why the author has enumerated this title in the following path, then you are welcome to submit your questions here.




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